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When trading CFDs, you can both go long and short, taking advantage of the constant price fluctuations. Trading share CFDs is ideal for traders looking for short or medium term opportunities. Trade prices and the pending volume at each price point are publicly available in the "order book".

With us you can trade with leverage that is typically higher compared to a share dealing account. Hence, for the same capital investment, you gain exposure to a larger amount of shares compared to an investor who buys physical assets. Share CFDs are a great way to hedge other positions.

When speculating on CFDs with HashTrade, you get direct access to world's most famous companies across global markets and benefit from price movements in any direction. Trade all the best-known firms from global stock markets, including US tech stocks like Apple and Facebook from one account.

One more step forward your financial dream!


Earn dividends on long positions without any necessity for ownership of physical shares.


Benefit from using our cutting-edge trading instruments available on all our trading platforms.


Try low margins and low commission, plus 1,000 products on global stocks across 4 continents.

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